Loading Gantry

Behind the half-closed gate by the Loading Gantry meditation circle is an AAT (Sunken AAT databank). There are some tanks near the elevator (Storage Tanks databank). When you go around the tanks, you can find a treasure (Priorite Shard).

Treasure behind the tanks.Treasure behind the tanks.

Treasure behind the tanks.

There is a chest at the stern of the boat (Beard: Short Goatee). You can jump onto large containers - treasure (Priorite Shard).

Treasure on a boat in tar.Treasure on a boat in tar.

Treasure on a boat in tar.

When you climb out of the ship onto the broken structure, notice the echo on the left on another piece of debris (Brave New World databank).

Climb up the rubble to the Hangar Rafters meditation circle.

From here, you can go down the platform - there is a treasure under it (Priorite Shard). Also, an echo (Brothers) will appear near the barrels after completing the game.

Bode echo.Bode echo.

Bode echo.

There is also an Electro Dart device at the top of the elevator - behind the white force field, there is a chest (Material: Commander).

Chest behind the force field.Chest behind the force field.

Chest behind the force field.

On the way, there is a chest (Barrel: Enforcer) in one well-preserved corridor. Next to it is a grate that you can push to make a shortcut to the Hangar Rafters meditation circle.

Chest in the hallway.Chest in the hallway.

Chest in the hallway.

From the corridor with the chest you can jump to the grate and from it through the force field. In the room behind it is a door (another shortcut to the circle), a path up and then a path sideways to the left of the door - on the far grate is a treasure (Priorite Shard).

The way up leads through a parkour to a chest (Grip: Persistence). Behind the lit opening is a wallrun parkour to another chest (Jacket: Commander). You can ride back up the wall that leads to the grate where the Priorite Shard was.

The main way is a wide corridor behind the door. The path leads to the Lucrehulk Core.

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