Since the beginning, the player can use Force Pull, Force Push, Force Slow, Wall Run, Jedi Flip, Swim and Powered Zipline. The creators of the game didn't want the player to start from scratch. It wouldn't make sense in terms of plot if they didn't want to repeat the "I shut myself off from the Force" trick.


  • Push (from the beginning).
  • Radial Push (Telekinesis Skill Tree) - targets multiple enemies at once.
  • Pull (from the beginning).
  • Wrenching Pull (Telekinesis Skill Tree) - stronger pull.
  • Twin Pull (Telekinesis Skill Tree) - allows to pull an additional enemy.
  • Confuse (Freight Handling Depot) - forces an enemy to attack another enemy.
  • Confusion: Major Fauna (Bilemaw Den) - forces a big mob to attack other enemies.
  • Mind Trick (Industrial Stacks) - Cal receives this ability when talking to senator Sejan.
  • Lift (Generator Underbelly after a duel with Rayvis) - allows to lift enemies and items to the air.
  • Soaring Lift (Telekinesis Skill Tree) - lift more enemies at once.
  • Slam (Generator Underbelly after a duel with Rayvis) - allows to slam enemies down. Can be used to destroy defensive towers.
  • Plunging Slam (Telekinesis Skill Tree - Mass Slam) - slam a group of enemies.
  • Focused Sight (Resilience Skill Tree) - auto-evade melee attacks.
  • Precision Evade (from the beginning) - when evading, some Force is regained.
  • Slow (Renovation Site 4733).


  • Wall Run (from the beginning).
  • Wall Jump (Undercity Meats near the meditation circle) - similar to Wall Run - the Run is for horizontal traversal, Jump for vertical. Call bounces up the wall with repeated presses of "jump" button.
  • Jedi Flip (from the beginning).
  • Powered Zipline (from the beginning).
  • Companion Assist (when Bode enters the story).
  • Ascension Cable (Renovation Site 4733 after the battle with K-405).
  • Upgraded Ascension Cable (Republic Research Laboratory) - allows the use of floating "balloons". If you hold the activation key, Cal will stop at the balloon allowing to change the direction of the jump.
  • Dash (Singing Ruins) - allows to jump to greater distances. Can be combined with Jedi Flip for great jumps.
  • Merrin's Charm (Buried Refuge) - dash through force fields. Passing a barrier resets the Dash allowing it to be used again.
  • Nekko Mount (Nekko Pools) - ridable mount on Koboh. It is possible to jump from nekko's back to higher places.
  • Relter Tame (Bilemaw Den) - another mount, flying this time. Relter is on Koboh and there is a similar one on Jedha.
  • Spamel (Divine Oasis) - ridable mount on Jedha. Similar to nekko, can be used for higher jumps.
  • Swim (from the beginning).


  • Stim Canisters (from the beginning).
  • BD-Noculars.
  • Koboh Grinder (Devastated Settlement) - allows to use Koboh Matter to utilize beams to burn barriers down.
  • BD-1 Electro Dart (a shuttle in the Fogged Expanse) - overcharges electric equipment.
  • Slice: B1 Droid (Caij's Shop).
  • Slice: B2 Droid (Caij's Shop).
  • Slice: Melee BX Droid (Generator Underbelly).
  • Slice: Rifle BX Droid (Generator Underbelly).
  • Slice: Hybrid BX Droid (Generator Underbelly).
  • Slice: Probe Droid (Caij's Shop).
  • Slice: DT Sentry (Hangar 2046-C).
  • Slice: Viper Probe Droid (asi Caij's Shop).
  • Slice: Security Droid (Mountain Ascent).
  • Slice: MagnaGuard (Phon'Qi Caverns).
  • Slice: Droideka (Republic Research Laboratory).


Unlocks in the Rooftops. It is possible to acquire map upgrades.

  • Map Upgrade: Seed Pods (Rambler's Reach Outpost) - recruit Pili (Blustery Mesa) and plant all 10 different seeds. This will unlock a terminal with the upgrade.
  • Map Upgrade: Chests (Phon'Qi Caverns).
  • Map Upgrade: Upgrades (Alignment Control Center) - first, all the Chambers of Meditation have to be completed.
  • Map Upgrade: Treasures (Wayfinder's Tomb) - requires completion of three ruin puzzles (Path of Conviction, Path of Persistence, Path of Restoration).
  • Map Upgrade: Databanks (Central Command).

(bel, created: 2023-06-30)