About Dark Forces

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Dark Forces is the first game with Kyle Katarn. It was released in 1995. From a gameplay point of view, Dark Forces is not that much interesting today, because Kyle is just a normal soldier, no lightsaber, no Force powers. Just a classic shooter with an aged graphic engine - well, it has a big plus, it is a Star Wars game.

The game uses player profiles for the storage of game progress. Finished levels can be played again. There are movies describing the story between some of the levels.

It is not possible to save the game status, but the player has "lives" and when the player dies, game "rewinds" a bit back and reduces the count of lives by one. When all lives are lost, the player has to start at the beginning of the level. It is possible to find additional lives here and there on the map.

Controls setup is quite old. I guess it uses arrows by default, but it can be reconfigured to more commom WSAD setup. The only thing I miss is looking up and down with mouse - or at least, I was not able to find it in the setup.