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Cheats can be used in singleplayer only and there is a chance that these codes work in a full version of the game only. Press chat key (T by default), type in a command and press Enter.

5858lvrfull map
bactamehealth and shields to na 100/200
deeznutsincreases Force levels (i.e. energy maximum is increased and skill levels are increased)
eriamjhenables the flying mode :-)
imayodayou gain neutral and light powers
jediwannabe 1god mode
pinotnoir xjump to the level x where x = 1 to 21
raccoonkinggrants all Force powers
red5all weapons
sithlordyou gain neutral and dark powers
slowmo 1Slow Motion
thereisnotryends the current level and jumps to another
wampratall items
whiteflag 1disables AI
yodajammiesfull Force energy