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Jedi Academy and Windows 7

Basically, Jedi Academy runs quite well on Windows 7, at least it does for me. The only problem I am aware of is related to graphics. ATI drivers starting with version 10.5 can cause the game to crash shortly after the game starts. You have two options (also working for Jedi Outcast):

  • Install an older driver (before 10.5) or newer (version 11.12 works for me).
  • Let the driver be and just use an atioglxx.dll library used by Jedi Academy from other driver. I have this library available in download page – you can download it and put it to the GameData folder which can be found in the game installation directory. If you do not know where it is, try to search for jasp.exe (or jk2sp.exe in the case of Jedi Outcast). You can also download a driver as mentioned in the first option, run the extraction step, but not the installation, and then locate atioglxx.dl_ which must be "expanded" afterwards:

    expand.exe atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll

    You can store (copy) the file to the correct place before expanding (that is to the GameData). If you do not know how to run the expanding command, you can download atioglxx-expand.bat from downloads page, store it to the same folder as the un-expanded library and execute it. The atioglxx.dll library should be put to GameData if it is not already.

    The result could look like this:

screenshot of the GameData folder