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Running without CD

Do you have an original cd? You do not like the fact that it could be damaged when used? No problem – well, if you do not miss the music. Just modify the Windows Registry and copy some files.

  • copy the file JK_.CD from your_cd:\GameData\Resource to ...\JediKnight\Resource

  • in te Windows Registry, find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\LucasArts Entertainment Company\JediKnight\v1.0 and modify the value SourceDir so it points to a directory where the game is installed

  • optionally, you can copy the movies from both CDs: from your_cd:\GameData\Resource\VIDEO to ...\JediKnight\Resource\VIDEO, otherwise, the game will not play the movies. I think nothing can be done with the music.

Note: if you have Windows 7, then maybe you need to know how to run JK:DF2 on Windows 7 instead of this.